Ngày đăng 25/04/2016
Chia sẻ bải viết :

Implementing Decision No. 222 / QD-Committee of the Provincial People's Committee dated 01/24/2014 promulgating Regulation on coordination between the Economic Zone Management Board (EZ) with the departments, agencies and local people's committees state management in the IZ, EZ province and implemented Notification No. 53 / TB-Committee of the provincial People's Committee dated 03/11/2016, on 29/03/2016 at Headquarters Mong Cai city People's Committee , economic Zone management Board working with .Mong Cai City, Hai Ha and the departments concerned and the coordination of state management for EZ.

Attending the meeting were A / c Nguyen Xuan Ky Commissioner BTV Provincial Committee, Party Secretary of Mong Cai, the A / c leader Mong Cai City, Hai Ha Economic Zone Management Board and heads of specialized offices; Representatives of the Departments of Transport, Construction, Industry and Trade, Natural Resources and Environment to attend.


After listening to A / c Nguyen Manh Tuan Provincial Commissioner, Head of the statement of the implementation of the coordinated management of the state (under Decision 222 / QD-Committee dated 24.01.2014, Decision 1480 / QD-Committee dated 13/06/2013) and the report on the work plan for the construction of Mong Cai KKTCK EZ Management Board, the meeting participants agreed in the memorandum with some basic content six:

(1) The departments, local and EZ Management Board agreed to continue close cooperation in the implementation of the management of State for KKTCK competence in the field; Investment, Planning, Resources, Environment, Business - Labour, Trade - Export ...; step up the promotion, attracting investment projects in areas KKTCK Mong Cai.

Included in the program checks, inspectors from the beginning in order to carry out the checks, inspections and investment activities, construction of key projects immediately after the detailed planning approved construction.

(2) Regarding the coordination and exchange of information provided, reports:

- Continue to implement the regime of capture and exchange of information, periodic reports on the status of operations in accordance with the content of KKTCK 2 units agreed in Document No. 566 / EZ-BEZs on 30/6 / 2011 (attached).

- Every You provide coordinated information on the status of implementation and disbursement of projects using the State budget (the central budget, the provincial NS ...) by the local 2 as an investor to coordinate monitoring committee, reported basis proposed layout plan for capital projects in KKTCK (before 20 months of the end of quarter).

- Once every 01 years, held in the conference between EZ Management Board, the local People's Committee and relevant agencies on the operation of KKTCK Mong Cai (November each year); alternately held meetings and dialogues to remove difficulties and obstacles for businesses / investors have investment projects in KKTCK Mong Cai (1 year 1 times in the second quarter)

(3) The parties agreed to coordinate with relevant agencies to assist businesses in promoting the introduction of commodity products, product branding, corporate brands, protect intellectual property rights , explore business opportunities, the rules of international trade, business support market surveys, participate in trade fairs abroad (ASEAN-China).

(4) Continue to perform the tasks of the Steering Committee and Working Group to assist the Steering Committee to support the implementation of the Group's projects in KKTCK Texhong Mong Cai: collaboration to accelerate the site clearance IPs Texhong Hai Ha and implement infrastructure investment projects to ensure progress under the direction of the PPC (especially to remove obstacles to the EIA, the investment in wastewater treatment plants; land acquisition project for secondary 2 Texhong : textile dyeing factory in Bac Giang and face cloth factory of the company Nantong Datong ....).

(5) To coordinate with relevant agencies to support employment; guiding the activities of trade unions in the industrial park businesses, the focus of the Group's projects Texhong, secondary projects in Hai Ha Industrial Zone Texhong (2016).

(6) To coordinate with the city of Mong Cai People's Committee carried out the site clearance project implemented investment to upgrade and expand the road from Provincial Road 341 to the gate of Mong Cai Bac Phong Sinh (phase 1); Coordinate with relevant agencies to accelerate the completion of construction works on the geographical dynamics KKTCK Mong Cai: North London Bridge Project II; Upgrading and expanding the Bac Luan first gate; KCN- Street Seaport in Hai Ha

(7) Continue PPC reports for comments on the policy of the Government to establish and build economic cooperation zone Mong Cai border;Coordinate with the departments, agencies and localities finishing building mechanisms, policies and advise the deployment of content related to the economic zone border cooperation under the guidance of the PPC. Content preparation, ingredients talks with the delegation of the Management Board of the pilot implementation of key development Dongxing (Guangxi) side of your invitation, expected in May 3/2016 (behind your proposal, was PPC agreed in principle)

(8) To coordinate with the Department of Home Affairs and the departments, agencies and localities to continue to advise and report to the provincial People's Committee to implement Decision No 45/2013 / QD-TTg dated 25/07/2013 of Prime Minister Circular guide number 22/2014 / TT-BCT dated 30/06/2014 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade on certain provisions detailing the content of the Regulation on operations at land border crossings instant.

(9) To strengthen coordination with Mong Cai City People's Committee, People's Committee of Hai Ha district in the work of ensuring security and order, explosion prevention, hygiene and safety in the province KKTCK Mong Cai; monitoring environmental protection work for the project in Hai Ha Industrial Zone Texhong (phase 1) and Hai Yen industrial zone.

(10) Implementation Notice No. 53 / TB-provincial People's Committee dated 03/11/2016 informed about the conclusions e / c the Chairman at the meeting heard reports on the situation and the performance of duties of the Board in 2015, to implement key tasks, 2016. Accordingly, the Board shall coordinate closely with the local division of tasks, speeding up the planned subdivision.

(11) For the PPC project has been allocated, the land tax has so far allocated time expires or lease land in the province Mong Cai economic zone; Hai Ha district People's Committee proposed and Mong Cai City People's Committee to implement (in Notice No. 01 / TB-Committee dated 01.06.2014 and Notification No. 233 dated 24.09.2015 // TB-Committee of the Provincial People's Committee ) information to the economic Zone Management Board to the deployment (providing business and join in the review).

(12) For the PPC project has been agreed for planning policy, has approved the plan, the investor has not been allocated, not allocated in the province Mong Cai economic zone; Hai Ha district People's Committee proposed and Mong Cai City People's Committee to review and test (under Notice No. 105 / TB-provincial People's Committee dated 05/18/2015) information to the Management Board of economic collaboration and implementation (review results simultaneously send EZ management Board).

(13) The parties agreed to closely cooperate to strengthen inspection and supervision, improve the efficiency of land use in the province. Also focus on reviewing, assessing the current situation ... the proposed investment priorities for the infrastructure category EZ medium term period 2016- 2020, in order to further accelerate the progress of infrastructure investment, improve investment environment business investment, and soon proposed urban upgrading urban nails What is type II.

Last meeting A / c Nguyen Xuan Ky Commissioner BTV Provincial Committee, Party Secretary of Mong Cai has appreciated the close collaboration between the Committee and the Committee of Mong Cai, Hai Ha in recent years, particularly in the Government proposals selected as one of eight priority KKTCK be invested with the budget period 2016-2020; Up, general planning browser, socio-economic planning of the City; The MPC positive review and remove difficulties for businesses operating in the locality.

The two parties agreed on the contents agreed in the Memorandum, and will regularly exchange, check the contents of the work to bring the management of state Mong Cai border gate EZ increasingly put into place, more effective.