Ngày đăng 21/03/2016
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Accordingly, Texhong Industrial Park - the Hai Ha Industrial Zone Co. Texhong Vietnam to be investor has acreage of 660 ha, of Industrial Park - Hai Ha seaport. The term of operation of the zone is 50 years from the date of the Management Board of Quang Ninh economic investment certificates the first time on 25-4-2014; The first adjustment date of 5/2/2016.

       This is the industrial park has developed a multidisciplinary nature, mainly the layout of industrial plants in multiple industries, industrial finishing of textiles, industrial textiles and textile auxiliaries. It is also the industrial park development is flexible synchronous investment categories functional infrastructure, ensuring the comfort and safety for investors, and in harmony with urban areas housing market and neighborhood workers. System complete infrastructure, including public works administration, services, transport, power stations, sewage treatment plants, water supply plants, steam and fuel levels, treatment Refuse collection.

Perspective Project Industrial Park - Hai Ha seaport

      PPC Ltd. Texhong Vietnam Industrial Park responsible business investment and industrial zone infrastructure Texhong - Hai Ha accordance with the detailed plan has been approved. The company must have management responsibilities, ensuring the surrounding area sanitary, safety and prevention and fire; perform maintenance, maintenance of the infrastructure of the whole area ...

PPC also Economic Zone Management Board of Quang Ninh directly implement state management for the industrial park - Texhong Hai Ha;chaired proposed investment plan for public utility outside the zone and cooperate with departments, local guidance, support and supervision of industrial park investors, investment firms secondary implementation of projects in accordance with the provisions of law. /.