Ngày đăng 21/03/2016
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Under the plan, Hai Ha district in 2016 to hand over to the Group Texhong 412ha of cleared land to the project Industrial Park - Hai Ha seaport. This time, the district is focusing on human and material racing against time to hand over to the Group Texhong 63ha (phase 1) before the date of 30-4.





       According to Nguyen Dang Tru, Director of Land Development Center Hai Ha district, the handover of the premises in 2016 will be significant pressure on the district by the number of households served land acquisition plans many projects, accompanied by large land clearance compensation plans, the demand for temporary housing residents, resettlement high, while infrastructure construction progress of the resettlement site, a temporary residence slow, failing to meet the needs ...

       It can be seen, for the period 1 to handover before 30-4, 92 households had been affected, have moved to serve ground for the project. Currently the district is drawing up plans for counting and compensation with considerable workload in connection with the 92 households, of which many households have a high level of compensation, more than 3.5 billion / household; of households have low levels of compensation to several hundred million VND / household. Besides, the district also must build resettlement areas for the 77 households in the relocation area in need of resettlement.

       After handing over the finished 63ha, the district continues to hand over notes with the remaining area of ​​349ha, and clearance of households have more than 500 households. This will be difficult for the district in implementing the resettlement, because the survey shows that the number of households in need of resettlement high, around 70% of households affected. Due to the large demand for resettlement should set aside land and selected the appropriate location to build resettlement areas is not easy, because ordinary people do not want to move away, but the location of the district can be difficult layout ...

      Despite these difficulties, but Hai Ha district are determined to complete the clearance to hand over to the Group Texhong project implementation Industrial Park - Hai Ha seaport proposed plan. Nguyen Manh Cuong, Chairman of Hai Ha district, said: For the period 1 handed over 63ha, from the end of 2015, the district has focused resolved to early stages tallying up site clearance compensation, so to this time achieved good progress. Hai Ha district likely will soon hand over 30 hectares before the 30-3. Preparatory work for the divergence hand over the latter also has been actively implementing the district, make proactive in understanding and dealing with situations arising early, to try to ensure progress commitment.

       Must assert Hai Ha district is working hard to hand over Texhong Group project implementation Industrial Park - Hai Ha seaport.However, with the right hand over a large area, as well as the volume of work generated no small as analyzed, in addition to the efforts of Hai Ha, own initiative needed the active support in the province, and functional units of the investors, the Group Texhong. 

        The two parties agreed on the contents agreed in the Memorandum, and will regularly exchange, check the contents of the work to bring the management of state Mong Cai border gate EZ increasingly put into place, more effective.