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Dated 03.28.2016, the Management Board of Quang Ninh economic and Confederation of Labor (Labor Federation) have signed provincial coordination Plan 2016. Attending the signing of Planning cooperate with Mr. Nguyen Manh Tuan - Provincial Commissioner, Chief economic Zone Management; Tran List Leaders, Members Provincial Committee, Chairman of the provincial Labor Federation, the leaders, heads of departments and sections of the two units, the president of the Trade Union Local 4 industrial zones: Lower Long, Quang Yen, Hai Ha and Mong Cai.

A / c Nguyen Manh Tuan, Head of Economic Zone and A / c Tran Title Job,

Chairman of the provincial Labor Federation plans up in 2016 to coordinate work


Planning coordination between the provincial Labor Federation and the Economic Zone Management Board of Quang Ninh in 2016, is the specific content of coordination chemistry program 987 / CTPH dated 01/3/2016 of coordination between provincial people's Committees of the provinces and the Federation in 2016.

A / c Hoang Trung Kien- PTB Economic Zone Management through 2015 reports, coordination plans in 2016

To strengthen the close cooperation, improve efficiency and implement the functions, duties and powers assigned, Economic Zone Management Board and the provincial Labor Federation issued a plan to unify and coordinate the work in 2016. coordination plan includes 6 key contents, including: (1) coordinate the organization to launch and implement the movement of IP enterprises, the focus is launching EZ emulation movement " skilled labor, creative labor "; promote technical innovations; "Green - clean - safe sanitation workers"; won the title of "excellent enterprise" and the organization of activities and commenting of the cluster emulation, emulation block of Quang Ninh "; (2) coordinate capture information from enterprises and workers and advocacy organizations, guidance counseling combined with policy and law is the implementation of Decree 60/2013 / ND-CP on construction designing and implementing democratic regulations at grassroots level, organizing employee meeting, held regular dialogue at the workplace; negotiation, signing and implementation of the collective bargaining agreement; (3) focus on implementing Decree 98/2014 / ND-CP dated 24/10/2014 of the Government on the development of political organizations, socio-political organizations in this kind of business. In organizations that propagate and mobilize and guide the establishment of grassroots trade, develop trade union member in the Industrial Park. Focusing at Cai Lan Industrial Zone (Halong City), Vietnam Hung IZ (Halong City), Hai Ha Industrial Zone Texhong; (4) To coordinate in inspecting and supervising the implementation of labor legislation, the Trade Union Law, Regulation on grassroots democracy, law on labor safety and hygiene; Survey quality meals for workers in cases of IP enterprises. Coordinate implementation "Support and development of private independent group of children in industrial zones" under the direction of PPC; (5) To coordinate participation grievance petitions, complaints and denunciations, labor disputes, strikes by workers in industrial zones (6). Organize activities to maintain the rights and interests of workers play with practical activities such as organizing activities "Mid-Autumn Festival" for the workers at the industrial park, organized activities to care life of workers at industrial parks Tet Dinh Dau 2017 and held "spend New Year 2017" for workers in industrial zones.

At the meeting two sides agreed to complete the construction of the scheme established trade union Quang Ninh Industrial Zone (on the basis of trade union) directly under the provincial Labor Federation in May 5/2016, PPC reporting and review, creating workplace conditions, facilities for trade union Quang Ninh industrial Zone; jointly organized a workshop on building labor relations harmonious, steady, progress in business in July 2016.

View of the conference

The signing of the plan of coordination between the Economic Zone Management Board and the provincial Labor Federation in 2016, will provide the basis to promote, strengthen coordination between state agencies directly manage enterprises in IPs and nest Trade union, contributing to the effective implementation of construction activities legal documents, providing information exchange, law dissemination, training, professional training, improve the efficiency of protecting the rights and interests legality of workers.

Nguyen Manh Tuan and Tran List Leaders are confident that the content of the coordination plan has been signed will be realized in the course of operation, to perform the tasks of the Management Board economic and provincial labor Federation brought practical results for officials, public servants and employees.

Reportedly, in 2015, the two sides have to coordinate the establishment of new guidelines 03 Trade unions at the enterprise basis (in Branch Co., Ltd. Yazaki Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Public Joint stock Company Southern 135, Rice Milling Co. VFM-Wilmar wheat), bringing the total number of enterprises in IPs have trade union organization is 32/44 units are operating manufacturing business (Cai Lan industrial Zone 25 local trade union; Vietnam Hung IZ 04 local trade union; VIGLACERA 2 local trade union; Dong Mai Industrial Zone 1 local trade union) with a total of over 11,800 people unionists. Notably, the Trade Union of Quang Yen Town unionized facility in Branch Co., Ltd. Yazaki Haiphong Vietnam in Quang Ninh with a total of 2,670 union members May 10/2015 occasion. This is the basis of trade union established under Article 17 of the Charter of Vietnam Trade Union Trade Union buckle 11. Some establishments in enterprises with foreign capital operating effectively as Trade Union Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Texhong Ngan Long, Trade union Oil Co. The materials, Trade union chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. the new century, the Group company Limited candles Aidi Vietnam art, trade union branches Yazaki Haiphong Vietnam in Quang security ...


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