Ngày đăng 25/04/2016
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26/3 days, Quang Nghia commune, Mong Cai City, Phu Lam Company Limited celebrated the groundbreaking project beef production and cattle breeding. Attending were Mr. Nguyen Duc Long, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman; Dang Huy Hau, vice chairman of the Standing PPC ..

With an area of ​​over 1,000 hectares of land use, the total investment of 2,200 billion VND project beef production and cattle breeding in Quang Nghia, Mong Cai city-scale breeding 40,000 cows imported from Australia, Brazil, Colombia. The project includes beef campgrounds, camping cattle breeding; of planting material cows, build housing systems, food processing areas, the slaughter and technical infrastructure improvement comes. With cattle production technology advanced, modern Australian, the investor of the project after 6 month commitment will basically put the project into operation and have a little beef products, cattle parts in 2016, bringing the 800 jobs for unskilled workers in the province. The waste treatment measures of the advanced countries of the world's leading animal agriculture, such as Australia, Israel will also be put to use in the project. Completed project will help create a large volume of products for domestic consumers and for export, improve people's lives in the area, especially the lives of ethnic minorities, keep security firm social order and safety.


Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Duc Long, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman stressed: Project cattle breeding and beef in Quang Nghia, Mong Cai City project is raising public advanced technology first in the province; expressed the determination of the investor and the positive in administrative reform, improve the investment environment and business Quang Ninh provincial government. This project together with the agricultural zone project high-tech applications in the North East of Vingroup will realize the development goals of the provincial agriculture towards commodity production focus, professionalism and applications high technology.The construction of a livestock model basically cattle herd, with industrial scale in the province of Quang Nghia Commune had shown acumen and experience of investors, especially in the context of Vietnam's participation in partnership Agreement trans-Pacific - TPP.


Chairman Nguyen Duc Long asked the city of Mong Cai propaganda, mobilize people to create the best conditions for investors to implement, to complete the project in the shortest time. Woody Co. Ltd. focuses equipment, manpower and material resources to the construction project quality assurance, to complete the project in the shortest time; and pay special attention to the waste water treatment, avoid polluting the environment and ensuring security and order in the region, creating jobs for the people of the project area.



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