Ngày đăng 25/04/2016
Chia sẻ bải viết :

24-3 days, Mr. Nguyen Duc Long, Chairman went to check progress of a number of key infrastructure projects of Van Don Economic Zone.Same goes with Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, Vice Chairman and leaders of departments concerned.

According to the report of the Economic Zone Management Board of Quang Ninh present a number of key infrastructure projects in the province of Van Don Economic Zone is being actively implemented. In this project the traffic route connecting spindle functional areas of Van Don Economic Zone Phase 1 with a length of 7km has basically completed the excavation embankment, macadam foundation and ongoing pavement carpet. Expected to be completed in May 6-2016. For projects from Park Street Van Yen commune relocation to the park complex east Cai Bau island, has now completed carpet 6.2 / 8km. Expected to be completed in May 4-2016. A number of key infrastructure projects such as roads cross Quan Lan Island - Pearl, project resettlement site Ha Long Commune, ... has basically completed. On the status of implementation of the project in Quang Ninh airports, far Van Don district has completed site clearance work 256 / 285ha. For areas that have been handed in by, the project investor is the Group SunGroup mobilized contractors peeled implementation of organic soil and digging and public service routes serve the construction activities.

Along with speeding up the progress of key infrastructure projects, now EZ Management Board is also cooperating with Van Don district and related units for the adjustment of the general planning of local construction 1 / 10,000 of the Van Don Economic zone, the project planning tourist area east luxury complex Cai Bau island, urban planning zone Cai Rong, ...

After going to the actual inspection, said at the meeting concluded, Mr. Nguyen Duc Long, the Chairman confirmed: Van Don Economic Zone is one of two breakthrough with KKTCK Mong Cai. Especially Van Don Economic Zone was approved by the Prime Minister is one of eight coastal economic zone is a priority which phase (2016-2020). Therefore, the future should focus resources to develop this EZ. Evaluate the results achieved last time, he praised Van Don district and the participation of the departments have done well the clearance to hand over to the construction project.

Regarding the specific content requirements comrades EZ Management Board, Van Don district and relevant agencies to accelerate the construction of the functional areas of Van Don Economic Zone and on that basis continue to implement projects from. He asked the Department of Transport to strengthen checks at the point of stripping soil erosion risk safety before the typhoon season; greening the hills either side to ensure the beauty of arterial roads connecting the functional areas in Van Don economic zone, completed and put into use in May 6-2016. At the same time accelerate the preparations to be able to immediately deploy the project highway connecting Ha Long - Van Don, Quang Ninh with airports.

In particular, the Group completed the planning early SunGroup 1/2000 casino entertainment complex, research and planning and investment form routes between airports with entertainment complex with a casino . Related to the project site clearance work Airports, Mr. Chairman requested Van Don district must complete clearance work stopped for the area built the runway, taxiways and parking before the 15- 4. While continuing to accelerate the clearance service of other infrastructure projects are being implemented in the province.