Ngày đăng 26/04/2016
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February 25, 2016, Chairman Nguyen Duc Long field check the progress of key projects and research projects are invested in Quang Yen town.


                          Chairman Nguyen Duc Long test deployment on construction planning

Urban complexes, high-tech technology in social Song Khoai

Accordingly, the Chairman Nguyen Duc Long went to check the progress of the project highway bridge Halong City with Bach - running through Quang Yen Town and project ramp from the highway Ha Long - Hai Nam Phong Tien Phong industrial zone. At the construction site, the units were struggling to implement the project category. The big bridge on the route include Lemon River Bridge, River Draw Bridge, Contain River Bridge are also speeding up, strive to complete the entire project highway bridge Halong City with Bach in 2016. Department of Transportation also is promoting the project implementation from the highway ramp Ha Long - Hai Phong Nam Tien Phong IZ. 9km seam length, scope Delta III road, the route has strategic significance in the development of Dam Nha Mac. Currently, the alignment with the project has been approved by the provincial People's Committee.

Mr. Chairman was to survey the site will pull power lines and construction of 220kV substation at Union Area commune, Quang Yen Town.With the total investment is expected to more than 1,000 billion. Provincial and Electricity Group will jointly invest to upgrade the electrical load for production for the Mac and Dam works and key projects in the province of Quang Yen Town.

To visit and inspect the progress of projects ship repair factory Nosco - Vinaline, Tien Phong commune, Chairman acknowledged and appreciated the efforts of the Company Nosco - Vinaline in implementing the project. This is a project with great significance, contributing to forming strips northern shipbuilding industry, contribute significantly to economic development - social and Quang Ninh Vietnam Maritime sector. Factory Project ship repair NOSCO - VINALINES total investment Phase I 5,000 billion, is capable of receiving ships 3 thousand to 7 thousand tons in repairs. To date, the Company has invested over 3,000 billion and strive to 30/04/2016 will put the project into operation.When put to use, it will be the plant's largest ship repair Southeast Asia today.

Chairman Nguyen Duc Long came to inspect the implementation of the general planning construction of urban complex, high-tech technology in social Potato Company's Amata River; industrial complexes and ports developed by JSC Middle East studies; South Port Industrial Park and Pioneer by Rent A Port Group (Belgium) as an investor.

Working with the Quang Yen Town leaders and relevant departments, Chairman Nguyen Duc Long recognized and appreciated the efforts of the local and departments in implementing the project, especially compensation for site clearance and investment attraction. Chairman also gave the direction for each project being implemented in Quang Yen town. Specifically, for the land fund for road embankment expressway project linking Ha Long City with Bach Dang Bridge, he advocates would agree to Quang Yen assigned to allocate land to contractors. Also ask the Department of Transportation continues to urge the contractor, columbine the pace, determined to complete the project in 2016.

For projects from highway ramp Ha Long - Hai Phong Industrial Park-South Tien Phong seaport, the Chairman has asked the Department of Transportation researched methods so that reasonable investment for the project is implemented in the shortest time and finishing in 2017, in sync with the highway Ha Long - Hai Phong.

Chairman Nguyen Duc Long concluded

Related content after the field survey in Quang Yen Town.

Based on the opinions of the departments, Chairman Nguyen Duc Long has agreed in principle to Amata Corporation planning study 1: 2000 urban complex, high-tech industry in TX Quang Yen. The relevant departments complete planning documents submitted to the Government in March / 2016 in the dossiers must be specific statements of paddy land will be used for conversion purposes.

Quang Yen Town and the relevant departments to quickly complete the documents and proposals on the problems arising during the planning of port complexes and industrial parks in the Moscow area and Dam industrial zone and port Tien Phong Nam Government submitted comments.

Quang Yen Town coordinate with ship repair company Nosco - Vinaline to recruit workers for the plant, which should prioritize local laborers.Department of Trade and Industry to quickly deploy the investment procedures and lines of 220 Kv substation at Lien Area.


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