Ngày đăng 26/04/2016
Chia sẻ bải viết :

February 25, 2016, checking the progress of construction of a number of key projects in Van Don economic zone, Comrade Nguyen Van Doc, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee and Chairman of Provincial Council requests the investor is Sungroup Steering Group speeding up the completion of projects in Quang Ninh airports in 2017 to officially put into flying. Same goes with Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, Vice Chairman.

Provincial Party Committee Secretary Nguyen Van Doc check the progress of construction projects in Quang Ninh airports.


After the Tet holiday period did not give the current construction on the project in Van Don Economic Zone was busy. Specifically, for the project in Quang Ninh airports with total investment of over 7.400 billion is allocated to the Group as an investor Sungroup, at present, has clearance to be over 88% of the total area of ​​the project . Estimated completion of the entire work of the clearance in May 2 general categories of road construction is public service, peeled, ground leveling the runway, aircraft parking area no longer obstacles to ground .



Through the actual inspection, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee noted the efforts of investors, the construction units have mobilized maximum manpower, equipment striving to accelerate, as well as the positive resolution clearance of Van Don district. Also note that investors should pay special attention to the quality of the works, especially the jars, stuffed with ground lines, so to select a contractor with experience. For the location of the site is cleared yet Van Don district and relevant agencies to actively accelerate, completed on the airport road is finished and completed in May 6/2016 Quang Ninh airports in 2017 .

At the main roads connecting shaft functional areas in Van Don economic zone, according to the report of the Economic Zone Management Board, to this point has basically completed now spread pavement, bridges and drainage systems across the country road drainage ditch.Striving to 30/6 years to complete the route, hand-over and put into use. Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee requires the investor to direct the construction company have certainly reinforced the positive talus and talus sound, not the occurrence of landslides. This is the route to welcome international visitors to the park service at the complex should be very concerned about aesthetics, environment. Van Don district, construction units quickly implement measures to handle the environment, greening the land grab point, the talus.

Regarding the infrastructure projects of the investors is ongoing construction in the district, he requested EZ Management Board in collaboration with Van Don district and departments closely related inspection in accordance approved plans.