Ngày đăng 26/04/2016
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February 20, Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, Deputy Chairman check the status of implementation of projects in the industrial zone of Hai Ha Texhong and key projects in the province of Van Don economic zone.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, Deputy Chairman to inspect the manufacturing

fiber factory in the Company No.1 in Hai Ha Industrial Zone Texhong.

According to the report of the Economic Zone Management Board: Project Construction investment infrastructure business Texhong Hai Ha Industrial Zone Phase 1 in Quang Dien was started on 15-11-2015 660ha area, total investment of 4520 billion. Some secondary projects by the Group as an investor Texhong in Hai Ha Industrial Zone Texhong such as construction investment project textile chain of scientific and technical Ltd Texhong Ngan Ha; Project garment factory Garment Limited Company denim smoothed as an investor; Investment projects by dyers Science Co. Texhong staining techniques as an investor ... are being urgently invested speeding. In particular, the investment project for construction of the textile chain of Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Texhong Milky ongoing construction investment phase 1 on 26.7 ha area consists of 2 buildings, house dining, home office, including: Factory No.1 scale spinning spindles 150,000 were tested successfully and export products; Factory 2-scale spinning spindles 100,000 expected by the end of May will complete installation of machinery and equipment. The remaining project is completed investment procedures and the ongoing implementation of procedures for planning, construction, environmental prescribed.

Currently, there are two investment projects in the secondary Hai Ha Industrial Zone is Texhong: Investment projects Textile Dyeing Factory Ltd in Bac Giang due as an investor and project washcloths factory by Joint Venture China and Japan as an investor Datong is also expeditiously improve investment procedures.

For projects serving resettlement project Hai Ha Industrial Zone Infrastructure Group's Texhong Texhong with an area of ​​8 hectares have been handed in by the investor and is currently under construction basically completed items san background, roads, water supply, drainage, lighting, transformers ... and will be handed over to Hai Ha district managers in March this year.

As for the raw water supply project for Hai Ha Industrial Zone Texhong, the project does not ensure progress according to the plan agreed with the investors by the Company Limited Texhong Vietnam Industrial Zone and the consultant delayed completion record , project planning procedures. Vice Chairman of the industry proposal, Hai Ha district should coordinate closely with investors and consultants to fully prepare the counseling plan, quickly complete the project planning documents , the first priority is to ensure social security for workers, producers and locals. Investor Hai Ha Industrial Zone Texhong should urgently complete the facilities for activities as well as cultural and spiritual life of workers; working interest in ensuring security and order in the province; the prevention of floods, flooding ...

In the afternoon, the Vice Chairman Nguyen Van Thanh check in the key projects in the province of Van Don economic zone.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh check the status of implementation

the key projects in the province of Van Don economic zone

At the inspection, the delegation heard Economic Zone Management Board report on the implementation of key projects in the province of Van Don economic zone. Accordingly Project spindle roads connecting major functional areas in Van Don economic zone, to date, Van Don District People's Committee has handed in by a length of 7 / 7km to investors and developing contractors project. The contractor has completed construction of the entire roadbed, bridges and sewer systems across the road drainage; 80% vertical trench drainage system; 20% improvement on the same foundation CPDD class, 70% of type 1 CPDD subgrade layer 2. For projects in Quang Ninh Port Aviation has completed a total area of ​​approximately 252.57 hectares land acquisition / 284,6ha; the rest are not expected to complete clearance in May 02-2016. Currently, contractors are actively construction bid packages, but now appeared abnormal situation has some local farmers organize construction of buildings, trees in the region JSC development investment is researching Van Don planning whereby EZ Management Board and PPC had written requests chaired Van Don district, in collaboration with departments and agencies to review, counting all the land; strictly handle cases of improper land use, illegal construction and rehabilitation requirements, management status quo entire region; regular and advocacy, is aware of these important projects have been implemented in the province ...

After checking the report and hear the Vice Chairman Nguyen Van Thanh Van Don district requirements, Economic Zone Management Board and the departments concerned to direct contractors, focusing accelerate the project. In particular, for projects of roads connecting spindle with functional areas, he requested the investor is Economic Zone Management Board to urgently solve some problems related to ground;strengthening monitoring construction progress, construction quality, determined to replace the incompetent contractors, affecting the progress of the project; management and strictly handle cases of improper land use, illegal construction.